All-Inclusive Compliance Outsourcing Solutions

Whether your credit union has an open compliance position, needs additional compliance help, or compliance related audits, Comply-YES! performs the work so your credit union can focus on what matters most: Serving your members.

On-Demand Compliance Officer Services

Audit & Review Services

Stand Alone Compliance Services

Our Compliance Services Include:

  • Staff and director training
  • Marketing compliance
  • Policy and procedure development, review, and maintenance
  • Compliance Management System (CMS) development, implementation, and management
  • Development of policy governance program and centralized policy manual
  • Product and service compliance review and analysis
  • Management and remediation of internal audits and exams
  • Compliance help line
  • Participate in meetings as a compliance stakeholder
  • Oversight reporting to executive management and the board
  • Development and maintenance of a forms management program
  • Member compliant tracking and resolution
  • Collaboration with management and staff related to compliance matters
  • Review, analysis, and implementation of regulatory changes
  • and much more…
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We Also Offer the Following Auditing and Consulting Services:

  • Bank Secrecy Act audits
  • Compliance Management System audits
  • Deposit compliance audits
  • Lending compliance audits
  • Marketing website compliance reviews
  • Functional, alignment, and resource allocation reviews

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Take a vacation from your compliance worries and let the authority on credit union compliance manage your compliance program so your credit union can focus on what matters most: serving your members.