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Why Choose Comply-YES! As a Partner?

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Partnering with Comply-YES! means a wide array of compliance resources are available at your fingertips and are tailored to meet your compliance needs. From regulatory standards to best practices, we’ve got you covered. Let’s work together to ensure your credit union operates at its best while staying compliant with industry regulations. Reach out to us today or view our current CUSO partnerships to explore how we collaborate for your compliance success.

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Comply-YES! Webinars

Join us for our insightful and engaging webinars at Comply-YES! where we dive deep into various compliance topics and industry trends. Our webinars are designed to keep you informed, up-to-date, and equipped with the knowledge you need to navigate the complex world of compliance.

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Comply-YES! Testimonials

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“Working with Comply-YES! has been a true game-changer for Journey. Before partnering with them, we didn’t fully realize the extent of our backlog of compliance questions. The expertise and responsiveness that they provide us is a much-needed outlet for our compliance needs. The team’s ability to address our questions quickly and accurately has been remarkable. Having Comply-YES! on our side for compliance projects provides immense relief for me and my team. I no longer worry about compliance “what if” situations, knowing that we are in a much stronger position now and in the future thanks to the exceptional support of Comply-YES!.”

Jeffrey Kusler, CEO – Journey Federal Credit Union

“I had Comply-YES! review our member account disclosures and what they provided was so thorough and better than I expected. After they finished the review, they set up a call to go through their recommendations with me, which was so helpful. This project was money well spent; we will definitely use Comply-YES! for future projects.”

Jim McCorkle, President & CEO – Common Trust Federal Credit Union

“We knew we needed to update our policies and procedures at the credit union, but we didn’t have a team with the expertise to do this. Cue Comply-YES!. They helped us revamp all our policies and procedures and our first Regulatory Exam after partnering with them went incredibly well in large part due to the services they provided! They know compliance, are EASY to work with, and are passionate about Credit Unions.”

April Tompkins, CEO – Explorers Federal Credit Union 

“Team One Credit Union joined forces with Comply-YES! to navigate the complex compliance and regulatory landscape. Having them as a resource has benefited us on multiple occasions. Whether it’s a quick email or a call, the interactions always deliver the tools needed for us to be successful. I look forward to continuing to work closely with Comply-YES!.”

Lynne Kindy, VP Compliance – Team One Credit Union

“We’ve recently become a Comply-YES! Ally and our experience has been great. The team was timely, helpful and thorough in helping our credit union prepare for FEPA and expected changes! We absolutely appreciated the knowledge, experience and responses we received from Comply-YES!.”

Catherine Morey, VP Risk Management – Alliance Catholic Credit Union

“Working with Comply-YES! on home equity pricing and changes to qualified mortgage rules was an “easy button” for us to tackle complex policy changes without using all our time and resources. We had peace of mind that a dedicated professional worked with us on these changes. Now, Comply-YES! is a partner that we budget for and meet with regularly to keep up with the ever-changing financial regulatory landscape.”

Devin Neu, AVP of Consumer Lending – Community Choice Credit Union

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Interested in learning more about Comply-YES? Download our online brochure to learn more about the benefits of our compliance services and how our compliance costs stack up against the rest of the industry!

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